Upcycling Candle Jars

Posted by Mishelle Smethurst on

Have you ever wondered what you will do with all those leftover candle jars you have lying around?

If you're anything like me, then you go through approx. 600 candles a month! There seems to be a never ending stream of glassware lying around and there are only so many times you can use them for cotton bud storage... ammirite?

Well I've finally found the solution. Plants! Yep you heard me... Cute little cactus plants!

I have gone a little cray cray with this project lately. So far, I have removed ALL the cotton buds from my jars and replaced them with itsy bitsy plants... 

The beauty of this is, they're cheap (thank you Bunnings) and you can just take little cuttings whenever you find a new, empty jar. Annnnnd your house will look AH-MAZ-ING. (you're welcome)

So tell me, what are you currently storing in your "ex-candle" jars?


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