Tips on styling your Candles

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1. The Coffee Table

I mean, duh... the most important part. I went through about 4 different coffee tables until I finally found the perfect one. I like for my table to have levels. Either 2 or 3. Mine obviously has two. On the top, I have a stack of books, with most of my candles, and the bottom portion is a little simpler. Still a stack of books, but thinner ones, and only one candle with a few other pieces.

2. Determine Your Color Scheme

The color of your coffee table books have a lot to do with the look of your living room. Even though I have a beige wall, with white and taupe pillows... If I had bright pink books, with some blue and purple ones in there, the neutral scheme wouldn't even show, since it would basically be drowned out by the bright and colorful pieces on my coffee table. I went with all black and white books, with one blush pink book.

3. Candles, Candles, Candles

Candles are always a must. So much so, that I have 6 candles on my coffee table. Five on the top and one on the bottom. Good thing we can help you there! Have a look at our products here

4. A Coffee Table Tray

This one is a must for the candles. I have a square white marble tray on the top AND a round rose gold one on the bottom. Two is definitely not necessary, and I never planned on two, but I like how it looked.  Having a rectangle table, I went with a square tray. I feel like you have to do a different shape from your table for the tray. However, if you're putting the tray in the middle of the table, (let's say on mine,) THEN that's when I would go with the rectangle tray. But since I put mine off center, I liked the opposite shape.

5. Books

I feel like the books on your coffee table are the most important part. The big Tom Ford Book is definitely a household favourite for many. It's black and white and ugh, I just love it. Find books that relate to your life and bring out your personal style.

6. Knick Knacks

This part is fun! I have marble coasters, a small pineapple, and a rose gold pen...  I don't have too many little knick knacks, but some fun ones I have seen people add are like... a little match box, a journal, novelty pieces, a ring dish, and any other fun things you may find in a home decor store.

7. Different heights

Flowers in some type of vase are a great way to add a piece with height on your table. I put a flower vase in the marble tray with the candles so that it didn't look weird with a bunch of candles all the same height. The flower vase finished it off and basically just made the whole try of candles look right. 

And there you have it. Just a few small pieces from Divinity, a couple of books and some fresh blooms are all you need to style your table beautifully!

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