The benefits of Soy Candles

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Natural soy candles are fast becoming the go-to home accessory. Loved for their green credentials and long-lasting scent, they add the finishing touches to your home decor.

And not only do they look and smell good, but soy candles also have many advantages over traditional candles. Let’s take a look at these benefits and learn how to style your soy candles in your home.

What are the benefits of soy candles?

Traditional candles are made of paraffin wax, which is a by-product of the petroleum manufacturing process. This means they release harmful fumes, which have been linked to lung cancer and asthma, straight into your home.

The main benefit of soy candles is that they are clean and green. Because they are made from natural soybeans, they are biodegradable, renewable and vegan-friendly. What’s more, they do not emit toxic fumes when burned. Soy candles also release significantly less black soot.

Soy wax is denser than paraffin wax, so it takes longer to burn. This means your soy wax candles will last longer, giving you hours more pleasure than paraffin wax candles.

The wax in soy candles is also known to retain scent and colour better than traditional candles. In fact, the scent is released gradually so you don’t get that overwhelming initial blast of perfume that’s common with paraffin wax candles.

And, by purchasing soy wax candles, you are supporting a green and renewable industry.

How to style soy candles in your home

Now that you know the advantages of soy candles, it’s time to invest in these clean, green products to give your house that homely ambience

Arranging them will very much depend on your own personal style. Here are a few ideas to appeal to some of the best-loved interior trends.


The rustic look brings a warm, inviting feel to your home, and you can capture the cosy vibes by styling your soy candles to match. Place pillar candles (the chunky type) in glass jars with a simple piece of ribbon or garden twine tied around the rim. This natural, organic look works best if your candles are mismatched, so choose candles of varying sizes to mix the look up.

Another way to channel country style is to display your soy candles next to a bouquet of wildflowers. There’s something irresistible about mixing up the colours of your flowers with the gorgeous scent of natural soy candles.


For an elegant, minimalist look, choose three taper candles (the long and slim ones) and arrange in matching candle holders. This simple look needs nothing more to reflect your love of classic styling.

You can also capture this look using tealights. Place a tealight in a simple container and arrange on a pretty tray or next to a single bloom in a vase. This look is simplicity and elegance rolled into one.


Choose tall pillar candles arranged on chunky candle holders of varying heights to show off your dramatic side. And, the more candles you use, the more dramatic the end result!

To heighten the drama, choose coloured candles in dark, arresting shades of purple, red or even black. Perfect for winter styling, this look will make an instant statement about your interior.

Gorgeous, natural soy candles

Lighting a candle or two is such a simple yet effective way to pull together your interior, making it a welcoming place to be. And because your soy candles do not emit damaging fumes, they help keep your home safe and clean.

Offering quality and longevity, your soy candles also help you to support a planet-friendly industry.

Whatever your chosen style, you’ll find a way to express it with gorgeous, natural soy candles.

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