Synthetic fragrances vs essential oils in soy candles

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There are two types of scents used in soy candles: fragrance oils and essential oils. Many consumers don't understand the difference between the two in the making of candles, but both can make soy wax candles. Using essential oil blends or exceptional fragrances is debatable for the benefits of each, but the differences are not always obvious for end consumers. When making candles, soy wax is more preferred to paraffin wax as it has better bonding with fragrance oils, so you can smell the fragrance all through. 

Synthetic fragrances and essential oils in soy candle making

When making soy candles, manufacturers use either essential oils or synthetic fragrances to give the candles their pleasant smell. These two, however, have some major differences and similarities, even though they both have an enticing scent.

Essential oils are basically concentrated liquids that come from organic plant matter. The oils have the strongest scent of the plant used, so they are essential in that they reflect the essence of the specific root, plant, or flower. On the other hand, fragrance oils are natural or synthetic aroma compounds that are heavily concentrated and mixed using an almost scentless carrier oil. Both oils' production is different, with essential oils coming from plants and fragrance oils from chemical compounds.

Benefits to using synthetic fragrance over essential oils

Although fragrance oils have a small percentage of essential oils, they are made synthetically with various chemical components mixed to match a natural scent, concept, or setting.

These oils are shelf-stable and non-volatile, which is why they might be more preferred to essential oils. They are longer-lasting, which means that their end products are always producing striking scents. Fragrance oils are more commonly used in the making of soy candles due to their affordability and durability. Essential oils, on the other hand, are lesser used because they are costly, very inconsistent, and have a very complex procedure for blending. The shelf life of fragrance oil candles is about a year, depending on the candle. Those made from essential oils don't last as long because they evaporate and dissipate much faster than fragrance oils, making it hard to hold the scents for 1 month in candle form.

Fragrance oils have a stronger scent throw, which affects how fragrance is released and permeated into space. These oils are also preferable in hot temperatures as they hold the fragrance better than essential oils. Fragrance oils are specifically made to deliver a strong scent and impact a room, which makes it possible to pinpoint certain scents to be delivered in high concentrations.

If you are hoping for a larger range of aromas, fragrance oils are perfect for you. They are available in a large variety compared to essential oils, which allows manufacturers of soy candles to make complex and nuanced aromas for a scent that helps restore sleep and relaxation in the bedroom or bathroom. Whether you want a lavender scent for the bedroom and a floral one to keep your bathroom fresh, sweet-smelling, and clean, fragrance oils will give you the most intense scent per unit.

Fragrance oils are also more cost-effective than essential oils, which is not surprising considering the amount of work required to create a single essential oil drop. You will need over 1000 rose petals for a drop of rose essential oil, which is as exhausting as it is expensive. It is harder to produce the same essential oil scent per quantity of oil compared to fragrance oils, so the soy candles will need more oil to reach the same scent intensity level since they are not diluted with a gentle oil carrier.

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