Oats, Almonds + Honey massage bar

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For anyone in the universe who has EVER been to a Lush store you would know of Buffy massage bars. They are , strangely enough nothing to do with the Slayer at all. They are however, perfectly exfoliating and they smell DIVINE .
I'm literally obsessed with these bars, the only problem is - they end up being super expensive because I tend to use them so fast.
For this reason, I set out on making my own version of Buffy. And so, after a few (failed) attempts, I have finally come up with something. 
Get ready to print this one out guys, cause you are going to make this over and over and over again!
YIELD - 2 x 100g bars
78g refined cocoa butter
78g refined shea butter
14g ground rice
14g ground almonds
12g ground adzuki or red beans
4g essential oil / fragrance oil
moulds of choice
1 - Melt the butters gently over a double boiler.
2 - Add in the ground exfoliants and stir well.
3 - When the mixture is warm to touch, add in your essential / fragrance oils.
4 - Allow to cool on the bench but keep watch. One minute it will be too runny and all your exfoliants will sink to the bottom and the next minute, your mixture will be thick enough to mould
(this allows the exfoliants to be suspended in the mixture without sinking. 
5 - Spoon the mixture into your moulds and tap on the bench gently to release any air bubbles.
6 - Put the mould back in the fridge to set for at least 4 hours. 
TIP - instead of ground adzuki or red beans, try substituting with ground coffee beans. 

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